About Us

Qinvia is an algorithmic trading solution company.

We are committed to algorithmic trading and quant finance as the only truly profitable form of approach to the financial markets. We use data science, artificial intelligence and scientific method as pillars of our work and developments.

We are experts in all kind of high frequency, medium frequency and directional strategies, applied to all kind of assets, especially trading systems for futures on equity indices, commodities, bonds and currencies, and also all sort of cryptocurrency assets.

We always seek the maximum diversification by integration of multiple strategies in portfolios, searching for maximum de-correlation based on the use of multiple assets, logics and timeframes, all within a strict risk management adapted to the customer profile and needs of the project.

Our Services

We offer different services related to quant trading for financial institutions, collective investment institutions and also for individuals.


We develop winning and robust algorithmic trading strategies and portfolios to obtain profitability from the financial electronic markets, under risk control specifically studied for your investor profile or to manage a specific investment vehicle.


We offer also algorithmic trading strategies and portfolios to hedge your risk exposure to commodities, forex, stocks or bonds price fluctuations, or just to balance an existing portfolio.


We provide consulting services on trading, tax planning and technology related to finance. We focus on developing personalized solutions for you to maximize the effectiveness of trading strategies and optimize the costs.


We develop cutting edge custom-tailored software related to algorithmic trading, data science and artificial intelligence. We provide all type of algorithms, bots, indicators, dashboards, statistical analyzers, etc., in different languages and platforms.

Meet the team

CEO and Founder

Carlos Barredo Lago

Algorithmic Trader and Industrial Engineer.

Postgraduate degree in quantitative algorithmic trading systems and models.

Quantitative trader since 2015 with experience in quant trading systems design and evaluation, portfolio construction and balancing, money management and operational management.

Winner of the Robotrader 2018 competition, the most prestigious competition in Spain in algotrading.

Lecturer at the Madrid Stock Exchange, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón on presentations related to quantitative trading.

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Building A2 DDP, Dubai, UAE

Crawford Street, London, UK

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